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Work Boat Videos

Radio Controled RNLI Y-127 Lifeboat by Kobus

Kobus has scratch built an RC version of a Y class lifeboat including the outboard motor. Here is it at the BAMM pond.

In real life the boat is:
Length:  3 m (9.8 ft)
Propulsion:  1 × Mariner outboard engine, 15 hp (11 kW)
Speed:  25 knots (29 mph; 46 km/h)

Breaking Ice at Central Park


Here's Kevin and Nigel breaking ice at the Burnaby Association of Marine Modelers pond at Central Park in Burnaby BC on a nice cold Sunday morning.


RC Gill-netter Leekatu


Al's RC gill net fish boat Leekatu getting out of a tight spot at the BAMM pond in Burnaby. That little boat is under 12 inches long. April 29, 2012


Scale Zodiac


Supreme scale, this model is Fantastic. From B.C., Built by Kobus De Villers
You have to see it to believe it.


From XTenProductions RC TV show

Clearing the Ice in Burnaby


First the ice has to be broken up and then we can run our boats. Nigel uses his freighter to do the job. A little later half the pond was clear.


G13 at BAMM


Ulrich's little anchor tender the G13 at the pond.

Rail Dock for Coquitlam Northern


Lorne has created an excellent addition to our harbour at the BAMM pond in Burnaby in this rail dock for the Coquitlam Northern rail barge.  Not seen here inside the engine shed is a fully detailed miniature flat-head engine that would have been used to run the dock hydraulics.  April 29, 2012

RC Icebreaker Amundsen working the BAMM Pond


Kevin breaking up the ice at the Burnaby Association of Marine Modelers pond on Sunday November 24, 2013. He waits eagerly for the perfect conditions each year - ice that is about 1/4 inch thick.

African Queen


Just realize that I tried to explain that the engine you see moving is a model of the steam slide valve engine in the real boat, but not actually steam powered in this one. - Kobus


From XTenProductions RC TV show


Dec 23, 2013


RC Hovercraft SR-N6


The 1/32 scale hovercraft SR-N6 at the BAMM pond in Burnaby. April 29, 2012

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