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Tug Boat Videos

Gillfoam Breaking Ice


Happy New Year!

Here is Lorne's tug Gillfoam using a barge to break the ice on the Burnaby Association of Marine Modellers pond in Central Park.

Sunday Jan 5 2014

Sealane through the narrows


Here's Al's tug Sealane towing his chip barges through the narrows at our season opener at the pond in Burnaby today. May 1, 2011


River Rebel towing Gilley Bros. Barge


Lorne's little 12 inch tug River Rebel towing his Gilley Bros. cement barge at Burnaby today.  June 19, 2011


River Rebel towing William Edward


Lorne's 12 inch tug River Rebel towing the coastal freighter William Edward at Burnaby today.  June 19, 2011

Gillfoam Tow Job


At the BAMM pond today. I parked the Dire Straits for a few minutes to take advantage of a slight breeze with my sailboat and next thing I knew I looked up and I had gotten towed! Lorne hooked up with his Gillfoam and off he went.

Towing at BAMM


Al's Pacific Lightning and Lorne's Gillfoam towing barges at the BAMM pond in Burnaby today.  Mar. 4,2012


Jackie B Tugg RC Boat Model @ Burnaby Marine Modelors


Wes Turnbull interviews Ron Burchett about his fantastic award winning scale rc tugg boat.


From XTenProductions RC TV show

BAMM Central park Rc Scale ships 42411


Great turn out for a grey day down at the pond at Central park in Burnaby, B.C.

Apr 24, 2011

RC Tug Pacific Lightning


Here is Al's RC tug Pacific Lightning at the BAMM pond today.  Feb 5 2012



From XTenProductions RC TV show

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