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Kayak build by Kobus de V.

All photos by Kobus.

  I wanted to build a Kayak to go with my 2 person canoe & rowboat. While working on the canoe, I had to develop several ideas to get the paddling action to be realistic. Once the canoe worked, I went back to my discarded ideas for that project since I suspected some of those ideas would work for a kayak.
  I wanted to build an 1/8 scale kayak and found study plans online for a 17' Chesapeake kayak which can be downloaded for C$ 3.00. (see the PDF below).
  I did some scale calculations & found that 1/9 scale would work well to fit everything in and to give a nice model that would be stable in the water.
  Now I had to establish the paddle positions throughout the whole stroke so that it would clear the water on the return and bite deep enough in the water during the power stroke. I also had to figure out the roll of the paddle that the paddler's wrists give on the 1 to 1 scale kayak.(7861.JPG)
  Using the base design of the one idea tried on the 2 person canoe, I found what I think could work.(7863.jpg)
  Here is the 2 person canoe idea that did not work well in the canoe, but I thought if I combine the front and aft stations of the canoe, I could come up with one that would drive the kayak paddle.(7222.jpg & 7225.jpg)

  With the geometry sorted out, I built the mechanism.(6423, 6428, 6430 & 6435)
Now I had to build the kayak. I printed 1/9 scale copies of the study plans and stuck them on some 3mm ply. Then I cut the frames on my home made router.(7602,7606)
  The frames were arranged on a strong-back aligned to the correct heights with regards to the waterline and stringers glued in place.(7563, 7566)
  Templates made for the skins & skins cut & fitted.(7567,7571,7572)

  Trimming & planing to shape.(7590,7591)

  Fitting the mechanism into the kayak frame.(7607,7608)
  Fitting the rower to the mechanism. Note the offset hinges between the paddle shaft and the mechanism push-rod. This is to get the paddle to roll like a paddler would with his wrists. I had lots of problems with the elbow popping up in an unnatural position, but the spring (from an old cassette player) in the hand solved that. (7702,7705)
  Mini servo transplant into his back to facilitate his head turning.(7703)
  Removed the rower & mechanism to skin the upper part and for finishing & painting. Routing out the hatch & rower openings.(7708,7709,7713,7711)
  Fit combing surround for the paddler's waterproof skirt.(7719)
  Fitting rudder.(7715)
  Spray & sand several times.(7724)
  Fitting the rudder cables.(7733)
  Fitting the hatches & bungee chords.(7725, 7727)
  Paddler dressed & skirt fitted.(7821,7820,7823)
  He paddles very well in the Domestic Flotation Testing Facility (bath), but as you all know, there is magic in the pond water & we will have to see if it works there.
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