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 Fun at the Pond Videos

2015 Annual Regatta


Published on Sep 8, 2015


This video was taken by George Flavell at the 2015 Burnaby Association of Marine Modellers annual regatta.

BAMM boat pond fun.



4mods great video of happenings at the pond on May 18, 2014.

RC Tug George Caslor towing Kevin in his Kayak


Kevin towed himself around the Burnaby Association of Marine Modelers pond for about 2 1/2 hours Sunday Feb, 2, 2014.  Still lots of battery left in that little tug. Both Kevin and Ulrich shot video for this.

RC Steam ship steals the show



An actual running miniature steam ship, Gary King shows a logging boat, and a snake fish?



From XTenProductions RC TV show Apr 8, 2013

Burnaby Marine Modelers Club Profile


Lots of scale RC model boats


From XTenProductions RC TV show


What are model RC Boats made of?


We learn fascinating details about what model RC Boats are made of.  Burnaby Boat Modelers


From XTenProductions RC TV show



RCTV - Kobus Rower and Steamer


From XtenProductions428

Published on Jul 9, 2014


B.A.M.M. Master RC Builder Kobus shows us off his superb craftsmanship with two great scale boats.


Burnaby boat pond in memory of...


RIP my Uncle John and Wifes Dad, Frank Power. Two great men gone to early this lifetime.

RC TV - Burnaby Association Of Marine Modellers


RC TV visits British Colombia and the Burnaby Association Of Marine Modellers. This episode features various modellers and their tug boats.


From XTenProductions RC TV show



BAMM Burnaby Pond scale boat club!


Awesome day at the park, filmed tons of awesome boats! Enjoy!


Pre-launch at BAMM


Getting ready at the BAMM pond this morning.


BAMM Model boat show! 2013!


What an awesome display of Tugs, Sailboats, and various other water going vessels. Super great turn out so I hope you enjoy! Music only through the first half. Thanks for watching


Scale RC ships at Burnabys Central Park Pond. BAMM Club.


I was testing out a new boat to film from and I have to say I like the first test results, I need a smoother slower servo for turning the gopro but for a first test I think this is a really fun video. I hope you all love it, one of my faves now that I have made from the pond.


Burnaby boat regatta! 2010


Weather held off for this years boat regatta down at central park Burnaby.



RC Boats at BAMM


Some towing going on at the Burnaby pond today.  Realize that the barges are water ballasted - they weigh about 100 pounds each.  Also the stern-wheeler Essington.  April 1, 2012

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