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1/10 scale outboard for a RNLI Y-Class RIB


I needed a 1/10 scale outboard for a RNLI Y-Class RIB that I am building and could not find one commercially available. We got the idea to use a Dentists' drill as 90 deg. drive which were kindly donated by Lorne. The motor is a 6v 280 type and the prop is a Dumas 1" 5-40 brass, the nearest to scale size prop that is usable and not just for display.The housing is brass tubing and the coupling is a HO train drive coupling. The motor was made to 'float' since the coupling does not allow sufficient flexing to compensate for minor misalignment. The Transom attachment is made as near to scale as strength would allow from 2,5 mm square brass.It allows the motor to be steered and tilted up as per the original. Tests in the washbasin shows good thrust and the next step was to make a scale like enclosure. 


The drive leg of the outboard was built around the dentist's drill using and modifying plastic parts salvaged from a broken and non-functioning toy outboard. Also, the cowling is built from white Evergreen plastic sheet. The motor was sprayed with semi gloss Rhona spray paint and the cowling with silver. The engine logo was printed from my PC and coated with waterproof varnish.




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