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The Sailboat Fleet of the Burnaby Association of Marine Modelers

Hi All, As your Fleet Captain it is my job to encourage and organize all things sailboat.

I was an IOM (International One Meter) & Victoria racer before I joined BAMM and started building scale tugs. I don’t often sail these Models at Central Park because the wind conditions are not conducive. Surrounded by high trees as it is the pond is best suited to running scale boats. So my first order of business will be to secure the use of a good venue.

I foresee a second time slot for sailing as the best winds are normally in the afternoon and this would avoid a conflict with the existing times at Central Park.

For those of you who wish to register your boats to obtain sail numbers and may be keen to take part in National or International racing events, membership of the CRYA (Canadian Radio Yachting Association) is required. They are the National governing body for model sailboat racing and have a good website with lots of useful

I will keep you informed of progress on these pages so check back regularly.


Nigel A.

Sailing Fleet Captain

Saturday 9th May.


We have found our sailing location.

We have been sailing at the Londons Landing dock in Steveston.

It has good steady winds as it is open to the Georgia Strait to the West. Access is good with parking close by. Washrooms are available at the foot of the dock and our local contact has a small row boat for a rescue boat if needed. We meet at the dock on the first and third Sunday of each month between1300 and 1500. There will be 5 races for the One Design Dragon Force 65 fleet for those who wish to take part and free sailing for those that don't.

The club members race results will be recorded and go towards a seasonal result.


Nigel A

Sailing Fleet Captain

Sat 8 Feb.

The club has decided to adopt the "Dragon Force 65" as the club One Design racing sailboat.


Dave at Burnaby Hobbies has the first batch in stock and has agreed to a

great rate for club members. Tell him I sent you. They are great little boats that can be raced "One Design" or in the open "RG65" class. They come complete with radio so after 45 min assembly all you need to do is add the batteries and go sailing.


Nigel A.

Sailing Fleet Captain


Sun 7 Dec

Here is a link to a US site with tips and hints on Dragon Force assembly.


Nigel A

Sailing Fleet Captain

Some Sailboat Photos

Race Results

 Race 1 heat 1   heat2     heat3     heat4    heat5

    1      Al          Nigel     Nigel      Nigel     Nigel

    2      Nigel      Al         Al          Al          Al

    3      Gunther Gunther Gunther Gunther Gunther


Race 2 heat1         heat2        heat3       heat4        heat5

    1      Nigel         Nigel         Nigel        Nigel        Nigel

    2      Al             Al             Al            Bruce       Al

    3      Bruce       Bruce        Bruce       Al            Bruce

    4      Art X        Gunther X   Art X        Gunther   Gunther

    5      Gunther X Art X          Gunther X Art X        Art X              Suffix X means Did Not Complete the course

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