For Sale By the Club


Jim Mortimer left behind him a large fleet of boats.  We have been asked to auction them off by his estate with fifty percent being a donation to the club.  They are on display in the clubhouse with bid sheets attached so if you are interested please come down and put in a bid during the next five weeks.  According to Nigel: the last chance to bid will be before the quarterly meeting on Sunday July 13th at 10:00 AM.  Winning bids will be announced at the meeting and winners are encouraged to make payment and take their boats at that time.  There are also some miscellaneous plans and other things. More info about the individual models will be added later... There are photos below.


1. Billings Bluenose Kit - unfinished

2 . Coast Guard 344

3. Fish Boat 476

4. Old Style Tug - unfinished

5. R.A.F. Crash Tender - unfinished

6. Radio rack and radios

7. Seine Fish Boat

8. Submarine

9. Tiger Sun

10. Tugboat Envoy



Here are some photos of the items for sale: