Welcome to the Burnaby Association of Marine Modellers or BAMM

A Word from the President

On Behalf of the members of the Burnaby Association of Marine Modellers, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and the world of Marine Models.

Our home is the beautiful pond in Central Park located in Burnaby B.C. surrounded by beautiful trees and walkways. Burnaby allows us exclusive use of the pond Sundays and Wednesday mornings.  Club members come from all over not only to run our boats, but most importantly to meet as friends and promote our hobby.

Whether you have purchased a ready to run boat or are a scratch built modeller our club welcomes you.  You will find that members are more than willing to share their knowledge and help everyone build the model of their dreams.

See you at the pond!


Rick E.

At the Pond slideshow:
BAMM Sept 27 2020 1
BAMM Sept 27 2020 1

BAMM Sept 27 2020 6
BAMM Sept 27 2020 6

BAMM Sept 27 2020 7
BAMM Sept 27 2020 7

BAMM Sept 27 2020 1
BAMM Sept 27 2020 1


Sunday run.

September 27, 2020

Photos by U. Gaede

(Click the photo above for a slide show.)


At the pond:

There was a very good turnout with plenty of tugboats towing and pushing and rescuing.  Though the weather threatened to be wet a few times, eventually the sun did make an appearance.  Masks were worn by all.

Calendar of Events

The BAMM Regatta this year will not be held on Sunday, August 16 because of the Covid 19 situation.

Events will not include:
-steering course
-barge course
-team towing course
-sailboat race
-tugboat race
-static judging













Hello Everyone! 

If you have come here for information and have questions and/or want to be put on the e-mail list for updates and info just head over to the "Contact" page and send us an e-mail message to that effect.

Any thoughts, corrections, complaints, or constructive criticism will certainly be greatly appreciated.  Just go to the "Contact" page and drop me a note.  I am also looking for content.  Photos, videos or articles will be appreciated. 


Thanks - Ulrich

Announcements and Current Events

Re: Covid 19 Virus

Date: December 10, 2020

As we know Covid cases have risen dramatically forcing Dr Henry to issue even tighter restrictions as far as gatherings and travel.  As a club our first responsibility is to ensure  the safety of our members as well as the public which means we must look at our own.club activities and make decisions to protect us all.

Due to the state of Covid 19 and at the recommendation of Dr. Henry our weekly sails will be cancelled until further notice.

We will keep everyone updated as this progresses.


BAMM President

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The weather was bright and sunny on Sunday, March 10th, 2019.  There was just one big ice flow left on the pond in the shadow of some trees so Lorne M. and I decided to push it out into the sun to melt. It was attached by some thinner ice so I was able to break through and get it going. Many thanks to Mel for breaking the flow free from shore and of course my lovely cameraman Rick.

There is video evidence here.


Shell Welder

We have added a very nice model of the Shell Welder to the BAMM fleet.  With surprisingly little TLC she has become fun to run and fun to tow.


BAMM Shell Welder Launch and Opening Day
BAMM Shell Welder Launch and Opening Day

BAMM Shell Welder Launch and Opening Day
BAMM Shell Welder Launch and Opening Day

BAMM Shell Welder 1 small
BAMM Shell Welder 1 small

BAMM Shell Welder Launch and Opening Day
BAMM Shell Welder Launch and Opening Day


In 1976 the 10 foot 8 inch long (that is 3/4 in. per foot or 1/16th scale) highly detailed RC tanker "Shell Welder", formerly “AARDVARK”, was completed by BAMM members Bram and Alex Deruiter.  Bram is shown in the slideshow here (first picture) posing with the model at her official re-launch on May 6, 2018.  For many years the tanker sailed the BAMM pond before being sold and moved to Bowen Island.  She was also featured in the RC pond at Expo 86.  Recently, Dave Tarvin of Burnaby Hobbies acquired it and it was subsequently sold to Bram Deruiter returning it to one of the original builders.  Our president Rick Evans saw an opportunity to bring the vessel back to the BAMM pond and we have recently purchased it from Bram. It was in very good condition and only needed a gentle refurbishment and running gear update.  Here is a link to some information on the original 170 foot long Shell Welder the model was based on.

Lorne towing the Shell Welder with his tug Gillfoam.

A time lapse of the Shell Welder being hauled out of the pond.


Below you will find a profile of Lorne Scott.  This is the first of what we hope will be many such profiles which will have their own page here on our website.